Saturday, October 6, 2018

Doctors Do Not Deserve the Power They Are Given Over Us

God Complex

There is one unspoken rule we learn real fast when we come in chronic sickness to the medical establishment:  

Never contradict a doctor.

You are at their mercy and you will regret it if you do.

Do my words resonate with you?  

Have you ever contradicted a doctor?

If you did, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Don't even dare to question them, or...else.

Have you ever heard this...?

  1. Been there!
    Changing your food won't help. You / your child need(s) drugs.”

    Hundreds of thousands of people have been told they don't have celiac disease, so they should continue to eat gluten containing foods. And yet, these same hundreds of thousands of people get violently ill when they eat gluten. Instead of changing your diet, doctors will recommend pharmaceuticals to treat your symptoms.

  2. Your test results are normal, so it must be all in your head.”

    This is what doctors say when they don't know what is wrong with you. What they should be asking is “Have you been vaccinated lately? Were you exposed to something toxic recently, such as pesticide or paint fumes? Do you have any amalgam fillings? Have you been eating a new food lately?”

  3. Those horrible side effects could not have been caused by vaccines.”

    If vaccines were a religion (which they are), doctors would be (are) the fanatical zealot prophets of doom. I've been told, "You will die if you don't get vaccinated!" I've got to wonder, at which point between being a person without an MD behind their name to becoming a doctor do they become ALL KNOWING?

    When you stop questioning, it ceases to be science.

  4. You will be disabled for the rest of your life if you don't take this drug.”

    I am a living example of proving doctors wrong and healing naturally. They pressure us to take drugs because they profit off the sales. And we are at their mercy for filling out our disability applications or writing us a note for work. We need them to perform medical procedures or prescribe our meds in lowering doses so we can wean off them safely. We need their help and we are at their mercy. Contradicting them might save your life, but they will punish you for it.

  5. Do as I say or else.”

    So here we are. We've realized that our health issues are not all in our heads. We finally realize that vaccines actually CAN and DO cause harm or death. But we still believe that doctors have our best interests at heart. We still TRUST them.

    What are doctors really learning in medical school? 

    Of course, they are learning about how our bodies work and which pharmaceuticals to prescribe for which symptoms.

    Most of us mistakenly assume that doctors also learn how to do their own research and that they upgrade their medical knowledge over time. 

    Sadly, this is not the case for most doctors.

    Doctors are taught not to question any aspect of the medical establishment.

    They are certainly not taught to do their own research (for instance, an internet search for published studies or natural treatments).

    And how do they upgrade their knowledge

    Well, they attend presentations by pharmaceutical representatives...presentations they are paid to attend for pharmaceuticals they are paid to prescribe.

    They don't even learn about vaccine injury.

    It is treated as though it does not exist, and yet side effects are listed on the insert right inside the box it comes in.

    I know a lot of doctors have terrible handwriting but I assumed they all could read...I guess a vaccine insert just isn't very interesting...

    Maybe you sense my sarcasm. 

    Maybe you, like me, feel that doctors should learn to do their own research. 

    Maybe you, like me, feel that doctors should take responsibility for the harm they cause by their ignorance.

    Let's talk about their ignorance. 

    The following statements are commonly made by doctors whom we are told to trust. 

    They are the professionals and we are merely the people who have to live with the consequences of trusting them.

    If doctors told the truth.
    Well, hang onto your hats because look what happened to these people who TRUSTED doctors with the health of their children.

    Today, every parent has to fear that their child will be removed because of a doctor who was offended by the parents being involved in the medical decision-making.

    All around us we are hearing from doctors threatening us if we do not do as they say.

    “Get your Goddamn kid vaccinated.”

    “If you refuse <random medical intervention here>, we will take your child away.”

    And you have to ask yourself, “Are these doctors brainwashed or scared of losing their incomes? Are pharmaceutical reps telling them to be such fucking bastards? Or are they just fucking bastards by nature?"

    Why aren't doctors required to get "up-to-date?"

    Who gives doctors, with their limited understanding of healing and their excessive understanding of pharmaceuticals, the right to make medical decisions for us or our children?

    The courts give them the right. That's who. See what's happening here?

    "Vaccinate your child or go to jail." 

    Before we mandate vaccines for infants, why haven't we mandated them for doctors? Let that one sink in.

    Hell yeah.

    I apologize to the doctors out there who really are helping people and have their best interests at heart. 

    And I get that you could lose your license and your practice if you speak the truth about vaccines.

    But being willfully ignorant and using your power to hurt people, especially children...well, there's no excuse for that.  

    Doctors do not deserve the power they are given over us. 

    It is obvious that I have anger and resentment towards doctors. 

    During my health journey, I heard all those things come out of many doctors' mouths. I was vaccine injured, then told it couldn't be from the vaccine and it was all in my head.

    I was told by a pediatrician that food wouldn't help my son. Yet when I changed his diet, his health and behaviour improved dramatically literally overnight.

    I was told repeatedly and condescendingly that I would never have a normal life again unless I took immune suppressant drugs. I was at the mercy of those drug pushing doctors. The sickest and weakest I've ever been in my life and no one to advocate for me but myself.

    I had to kiss their asses, telling them "I will take those drugs but first I want to try this natural treatment I heard about. But don't worry, I definitely will try those drugs soon."

    I was treated horribly, dismissed as a headcase, sick, weak, and desperate. Doctors accused me of all sorts of things from being depressed to drug seeking.

    Yet, all the while, I was fighting for my health. Trying everything to heal. Weaning myself off narcotic pain relievers after multiple surgeries. Trying every supplement to reduce my painful, immobilizing arthritis. Trying to convince my husband that the doctors were wrong and it wasn't all in my head.

    As you can tell, I am still traumatized by my experience with the medical establishment.

    I finally found a great doctor who never pushes me to take drugs. She tells me to get off them. She never pushes me to vaccinate. In fact, she's never mentioned it.

    There are good doctors out there. If you find one, count yourself lucky. But don't trust him or her. Doctors are NOT all knowing. They know less about your health than you.

    Do your research. Take medication to survive but seek out natural alternatives because what you really want is to heal. And unfortunately, doctors are not taught to heal us.

    If there's anything you take from this article, I hope it is this:

    Doctors have great power over us and our children. We must walk a fine line of keeping them happy without giving up our autonomy and rights. Doctors are not trained to heal us. They are trained to help us with our symptoms. Very convenient but not very helpful when we are truly, deeply ill. Do not blindly trust your doctor. Do your own research and find ways to heal naturally whenever possible. If you're sick, stop drinking the koolaid (literally and figuratively). Others have healed themselves before you and you can do it too. And if you're lucky enough to find a doctor who will help you, you've hit the jackpot.

    Peace. xo

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