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Researching Vaccines? Start here...

You could very simply put a phrase into a search engine like Google and be given lots of information about vaccines.

The problem with this tactic is that most search engines are controlled by corporations and corporations have a vested interest in keeping real knowledge out of our hands.

Unless you are looking for information that supports the safety of vaccines, you will need to dig deep and use very specific search terms to get the information you're looking for.

Often this means going down the rabbit hole...Finding one website that counteracts the position of our government and the CDC, then following a link from that site to another, then another, then another. I encourage you to follow the links.

I encourage you to seek out sources and read the studies. You will be amazed how many studies prove the opposite of what you've been told. Use alternative search engines like this one which claims it is anonymous and uncensored.

For instance, we've all heard the claim time and time again that there is no proof that vaccines cause autism. Yet, there is A LOT of evidence. You just have to look for it, because it will not be given to you by the medical establishment (doctors, health units, government websites, etc).

I have compiled the following links for people who want to educate themselves about both sides of the issue. You can find info to support the belief that vaccines are safe and necessary very easily. That's everywhere.

But here, you will find the opposite. Here, you will find out what you probably don't want to know. Vaccines are ineffective, unnecessary, and downright dangerous.

Credit for the following list goes to many. I have collected and compiled links and lists from many others. Much gratitude to all the health freedom warriors out there for your hard work and commitment to sharing what you've learned. xo

Sections listed below include:

  • Good, concise summaries to get you started
  • History
  • Doctors explaining the danger of vaccines
  • Specific Diseases and Vaccines
  • Dr. Andrew Wakefield "That doctor who had his license taken"
  • Dr. William Thompson #CDCWhistleblower
  • Personal Stories
  • Herd Immunity
  • Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated
  • Efforts by Politicians
  • Efforts by Celebrities
  • Documentaries
  • Conflicts of Interest and Corruption
  • ...and the largest section with tons of organized information under headings such as "autism, miscarriage, SIDS, allergies" etc...STUDIES!

Good, concise summaries to get you started:

Doctor researches why so many parents are saying no to vaccines

Excellent summary from parent of injured child

Doctor mom schools reporter
(link to video if you're having trouble viewing it: )

Informative cartoon narrated by Rob Schneider - Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

VERY GOOD! Immunologist:

How the immune system actually works and how to make it stronger


The role of plumbing in eradicating disease

Doctors explaining the dangers of vaccines:

1. Dr. Nancy Banks -
2. Dr. Russell Blaylock -
3. Dr. Shiv Chopra -
4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny -
5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries -
6. Dr. Larry Palevsky -
7. Dr. Toni Bark -
8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield -
9. Dr. Meryl Nass -
10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin -
11. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot -
12. Dr. Robert Rowen -
13. Dr. David Ayoub -
14. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD -
15. Dr. Rashid Buttar -
16. Dr. Roby Mitchell -
17. Dr. Ken Stoller -
18. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein -
19. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD -
20. Dr. David Davis -
21. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych -
22. Dr. Harold E Buttram -
23. Dr. Kelly Brogan -
24. Dr. RC Tent -
25. Dr. Rebecca Carley -
26. Dr. Andrew Moulden -
27. Dr. Jack Wolfson -
28. Dr. Michael Elice -
29. Dr. Terry Wahls -
30. Dr. Stephanie Seneff -
31. Dr. Paul Thomas -
32. Many doctors talking at once -
33. Dr. Richard Moskowitz -
34. Dr. Jane Orient -
35. Dr. Richard Deth -
36. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic -
37. Dr Chris Shaw -
38. Dr. Susan McCreadie -
39. Dr. Mary Ann Block -
40. Dr. David Brownstein -
41. Dr. Jayne Donegan -
42. Dr. Troy Ross -
43. Dr. Philip Incao -
44. Dr. Joseph Mercola -
45. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet -
46. Dr. Robert Mendelson -

Measles, lots of references and sources

Autoimmune Disorders Can be Caused by Vaccines (multiple links to studies)

Large Study Shows That Having Natural Chicken Pox as a Child Reduces Risk of Brain Cancer Later in Life

VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe 

Personal Stories:

Herd Immunity:

Disproves Herd Immunity Theory

The Myth of Herd Immunity

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated:

Health of vaxxed vs unvaxxed - studies referenced at the link

Dan Burton demands a yes or no from the FDA (do vaccines cause autism):

Florida Congressman Bill Posey exposes the CDC coverup:

Efforts by Celebrities:

Not just a pretty face: Jenny McCarthy on "The Doctors"

Rob Schneider - Smart and Funny
Standing up for parents' rights
Informative cartoon narrated by Rob Schneider


1. Vaccination - The Silent Epidemic -
2. The Greater Good -
3. Shots In The Dark -
4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth -
5. Vaccine Nation -
6. Vaccination - The Truth About Vaccines -
7. Lethal Injection -
8. Bought -
9. Deadly Immunity -
10. Autism - Made in the USA -
11. Beyond Treason -
12. Trace Amounts -
13. Why We Don't Vaccinate -

Conflicts of Interest and Corruption:

Dr Offit is the person who says that children can have 10,000 vaccines at a time, and he owns the patent on the RotaTeq (Rotavirus) vaccine.

Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe ( a study by the CDC)

(Seriously, they are not that difficult to understand!)

This is not a full list of studies linking negative outcomes with vaccines. I hope this gives you pause as you realize that the claim that "science proves vaccines are safe" is a lie. Here is the real science...


124 research papers linking vaccines to autism:

Regressive Autism and Heavy Metals

Genetic heritability and shared environmental factors among twin pairs with Autism

Children with mercury toxic enchephalopathies and regressive autism

3 fold increase in autism in boys injected as neonates
(greater risk in non white children)

Causal link between MMR and autism
An inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism

Detection of Measles Virus Genomic RNA in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children with Regressive Autism

Rats studied with amounts consistent with infant vaccines developed neurodevelopmental disorders.

Mercury and autism- accelerating evidence

Causal relationship between smallpox vaccine and autism

Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure†

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Correlation between the number of infant deaths and the number of vaccines

2 vaccines cause increase in fetal deaths in 2009/2010

SIDS after hexavalent vaccine

Infant mortality and vaccines study

Both twins die after vaccines

Fetal Deaths during 2008-2010 flu season

Hemophilus influenza B (HiB)
(Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) is a bacterial infection that can cause severe illnesses in children, including meningitis, epiglottitis, pneumonia, arthritis, and cellulitis) Vaers data following HiB vaccine 1990- 2013 Includes 29 747 reports after Hib vaccines; 5179 (17%) were serious, including 896 reports of deaths. Median age was 6 months (range 0-1022 months). Sudden infant death syndrome was the stated cause of death in 384 (51%) of 749 death reports with autopsy/death certificate records.

DTaP with or after measles vaccination increased in-hospital mortality in Guinea-Bissau.


Fetal Deaths and Miscarriage
16.7% miscarry after DTaP

Flu Vaccine and miscarriage increase


Connection with Ethylene Glycol (2-phenoxyethanol) with infertility
Please see first link on this page under general articles (refurbished rogue) for more info. Chidren receive 17 injections with this chemical before the age of 18


Lower Antibodies in vaccinated mothers

Early Loss of Passive Measles Antibody in Infants of Mothers With Vaccine-Induced Immunity

Allergies, Asthma, & Eczema

Less allergies and asthma in unvaccinated children

Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood asthma or allergy?

Increased asthma in vaccinated children – 2 times greater 

Delay in DTaP reduces the risk of asthma

Health Care Workers and Patients

What, in Fact, Is the Evidence That Vaccinating Healthcare Workers against Seasonal Influenza Protects Their Patients? A Critical Review The Evidence says No Benefit

Elevated risks on ER visits 1-2 weeks following vaccines

Trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in influenza-related hospitalization in children
3 fold risk of hospitalization with those who received this vaccine.

Autoimmune Diseases

Repeated immunization with antigen causes systemic autoimmunity in mice otherwise not prone to spontaneous autoimmune diseases

Adjuvants and increased risk of ASIA autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and Adult-Still’s disease

Infection, vaccines and other environmental triggers of autoimmunity.

Subacute thyroiditis and dyserythropoesis after influenza vaccination suggesting immune dysregulation.

Autoimmune Hazards of Hep B Vaccines

Fibro and Chronic Fatigue after Hep B

Autoimmunity following hepatitis B vaccine as part of the spectrum of Autoimmune Syndrome induced by Adjuvants : analysis of 93 cases

A case controlled study of serious autoimmune events following Hep B vaccine


Polio and non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP)
Direct correlation on polio vaccines and polio like illness in India 47,500 new cases

The Cutter Incident: How America's First Polio Vaccine Led to a Growing Vaccine Crisis

Seroprevalence of Antipolio Antibodies among Children


Narcolepsy increased after 2009 flu vaccine

Multiple Sclerosis

Study supporting the connection between vaccine and MS

Confirms long term risk between vaccine and MS


Hep B and Epstein -Barr

Guilliane Barre

4 cases of Guilliane Barre reported after Hib vaccine


Rotavirus vaccines: viral shedding and risk of transmission

Shingles vaccine shedding

Rotavirus vaccine and fecal shedding

Unvaccinated children

Unvaccinated Children are Healthier

Unvaxed children who are they and where do they live?

Large Study Shows That Having Natural Chicken Pox as a Child Reduces Risk of Brain Cancer Later in Life

SV40 virus

SV40 virus from polio vaccines causes cancer

SV40 found in all brain tumors tested


Vaccines increase the risk of cardiovascular events

Yellow fever vaccine caused a similar but more deadly disease

Study on adverse drug reactions in Shanghai- the highest number was with vaccines

Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine

Blood markers and side effects of influenza vaccine
Findings show that the influenza vaccination causes transient changes in select markers of inflammation and lipids

Ophthalmological complications Reported

Rheumatic Disorders Developed after Hep B Vaccine

Vaccinated infants have increased risk of contracting Hep B as teens.
Study in 2 villages in Africa over 14 years

Study of Identical Twins and adverse events after Heb B vaccine

Relation between childhood diabetes and vaccine

New serotypes appear after vaccine programs.
(new mutations that are vaccine resistant)

Animal studies on bronchial hyperactivity after Hib vaccine

Disease caused by Meningitis vaccine
(Centers for Disease Control in six areas of the United States revealed a 1.8-fold (95% CI, 0.3 to 10.2) increase in the occurrence of invasive disease caused by H influenzae type b in the first week after immunization)

Japanese Study comparing titers in MMR Vaccinated and Naturally infected

Tylenol after MMR vaccine shows significant increase in autism in children under 5-parental survey

Mumps among fully vaccinated college students

Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal
Mumps Outbreaks in Vaccinated Populations: Are Available Mumps Vaccines Effective Enough to Prevent Outbreaks?

2 Outbreaks in Nova Scotia of Mumps among adolescents and young adults

Measles with or after DTaP vaccination increased in-hospital mortality in Guinea-Bissau.

RNA of Mumps Virus found in Outbreak in a Population with a High Level of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine Coverage

5 live viruses in Rotateq and study of infants with gastroenteritis

Administration of thimerosal to infant rats increases overflow of glutamate and aspartate in the prefrontal cortex

Natural immunity traced for more dangerous forms of shingles and chicken pox with vaccines

Study on effectiveness of DTaP on teens and adults...only 53%

Acute Fulminant Myocarditis after DTaP

3 month infant with myocarditis (full text available to download as pdf)

Pertussis vaccine doesn't work...need new vaccines

UK study on risk vs benefit of Pertussis

Thimerosal (Mercury)

Decisions to remove Thimerosal from vaccines
***It is worth noting that Thimerosal is still used in the manufacturing process and they can’t remove it all from the finished product. Thimerosal is still in several multi dose flu vaccines as an active ingredient, and this can be given to pregnant women. The thimerosal that is used in the manufacturing process is not required to be listed in the ingredients label, as it is a tiny amount. Mercury is the 2nd most toxic chemical known to man, so no amount is safe.

Mercury from thimerosal in vaccines found in breast fed baby's hair

A Dose-Response Relationship between Organic Mercury Exposure from Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Administration of Thimerosal and Effects in Infant Rats

Intermitent neonatal administration of thimerosal causes neurological changes in neonatal rats

Thimerosal Detoxification and A Decrease in Glutathione

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes

Mercury and ADHD connection. A Chinese controlled study- More study needed

Mercury in vaccines exceeded safety guidelines and is still in several vaccines as an ingredient

Monkey study 1990s connecting thimerosal with damage to brain structure and function

Children with apparent mercury toxic encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.


Aluminum-Induced Entropy in Biological Systems: Implications for Neurological Disease (REALLY GOOD STUDY)

Administration of aluminum to neonatal mice in vaccine-relevant amounts is associated with adverse long term neurological outcomes.

Intracellular ROS generator promotes hepatic and neurological diseases

Data linking aluminum, acetomenophen and autism 

Aluminum overload increases oxidative stress in four functional brain areas of neonatal rats

Aluminum and neurological symptoms

Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration

Macrophagic myofasciitis and chronic fatigue syndrome 

Aluminum in vaccines found to cause gulf war syndrome

Aluminum in central nervous system: toxicity to humans and animals and autoimmunity

Toxicity of aluminum in pediatric populations 
Aluminum in neo natal mice in vaccine amounts associated in long term
adverse neurological outcomes

Please share your favourite educational links in the comments section below. xo


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